Welcome and Thank you for visiting my website.
Here you will find some information about the person behind the camera:


About Me

I'm Steven Carlier,

I live in Belgium, together with my wife and I have a day-job that isn't photography related. However I got addicted to photography since I had my first point and shoot and it has been my passion ever since.
I mostly shoot the beauty of nature but I like to shoot out of my comfort zone as well. 


About the website: 

I've been using pbase since 2005 and in 2013 it was time for a new website, here on squarespace. 

If you want to join the ride, click "like" on my Facebook page.  I'm dutch speaking so please forgive possible writing errors.
In my blog I talk about the story behind the image, about the process and I give some tips and tricks.
A lot is however personal, so in the end, as you being a photographer, do what works best for you


About the gear: 

The camera Takes the shot but it's up to the photographer to Make the shot. 
Meaning, Knowledge and gear will give you a technical beautiful shot, but the creativity is coming from the person behind the camera. 
I don't care if someone is using a  Canon, Nikon or Sony or what so ever. It's really not about the brand, it's how you use it.
I do like the feeling you get when you see your work on a print. That's why I still use an epson R2000 for those bigger prints.

About editing and workflow: 

I'm no master in photoshop so my editing is very basic. Though I consider it as an important part of the process.

Now days it goes like this:
 - I select (keep or delete) my images in photomechanic,
 - I edit in Lightroom and mostly it stops here by exporting to DNG and JPEG,
 - I backup at 2 different locations.